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Soul Vision with Bobbi Courtney

Join us for wisdom sharing, self-inquiry and journeying with essences. How does your soul talk with you? The phase of spring gives us the renewed energy to animate our visions and growth. We’ll use this time to explore how our life issues are playing out in the context of soul purpose. We’ll talk about how our authenticity gets blocked by shadow. Also, we’ll take a fresh look at how shadow and challenge are tools. Using these tools, we shift our relationship with personal power and can we can rewrite our story.

Bobbi Courtney, MSW, CFEP, author, psychotherapist and group facilitator is a somatic integrative
therapist through the Center for Somatic Psychology at Weinacht, Switzerland. As a certified flower essence therapist with extensive shamanic training and experience, Bobbi brings passion and wisdom from all of these domains to her integrative coursework. The group work process is intended to provide personal and evolutionary support. Bobbi is the creator of Aura Infusions, and has a private practice in Amesbury, MA.