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Hasta Vinyasa - Arm Balancing with Michelle Couture & Bailey Coish

Hasta Vinyasa - Arm Balancing

With Michelle Couture and Bailey Coish

Hasta means hands and vinyasa means thoughtful placement in poses. In this workshop we will explore the many different arm balances seen in classes and on social media. By breaking down poses we will help you to develop the fundamentals of engagement in the body. Class will include a flow to open shoulders, wrists, and hips and then we will slow it down to  give you the breakdown of a few of our favorites. All you need to bring to this workshop is a sense of curiosity and playfulness and you will build the confidence needed to get light on your hands. We will play with basic arm balances as well as teach advanced variations for anyone who is ready to try.

Friday, March 8th 6p-7:30

Cost: $30 members $35 non-members