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Awake in the Dream with Bobbi Courtney

Who am I and what on Earth am I doing here?

Immerse in the Medicine of the Soul Join us for wisdom sharing and journeying with essences. We will explore perspectives from Edgar Cayce and others that help us stir from the “Maya” illusion. We will apply the principles of lucid dreaming to your everyday life, so you can know yourself as the one who creates the dream. We’ll also work with spiritual tools to “alchemize” the challenges you face.

Bobbi Courtney, MSW, is a somatic-psychotherapist, certified flower essence practitioner and owner of Aura Infusions. She is well known for her expertise and experience with integrating flower essence treatment into psychotherapy sessions and therapeutic group-work, known as "Evolution Awakeshops." With 20 years experience using an integrative approach to transformation, Bobbi assists with conscious evolutionary support. Ph: 978-609-0497