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Michelle Couture, ERYT-200

Michelle has been practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2006.  She is an ERYT 200 yoga instructor registered through Yoga Alliance and is Yoga 4 Cancer teacher certified. She is a graduate of The Yoga of Energy Flow program directed by Carrie Tyler and Daniel Orlansky. She has studied many forms of yoga including Kripalu, Vinyasa Flow, and Ashtanga. Michelle is the Founder and Director of Yoga and Cancer, a program that provides free classes to anyone with a cancer diagnosis on the Seacoast of NH and Southern Maine area. This program, supported by SATYA (Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action), is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that provides access to therapeutic yoga for at-risk and vulnerable populations. Michelle is an active board member. Whether Michelle is teaching a strong vinyasa style yoga or a Yoga and Cancer class, she is known for her creative sequencing, specific instruction and her compassionate approach to teaching. Michelle’s passion is to share the gifts of yoga so that students leave class with a feeling of exhilaration, peace and inner awareness.

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Alyssa Dizoglio RYT-200


Alyssa was first introduced to yoga at a young age as a supplement to her vigorous dance training. Her strong ballet background made the fluidity of vinyasa flow feel natural, but she did not truly find her practice until turning to yoga as a physical outlet as a young adult. As she developed a regular practice, she quickly discovered, far beyond the physical expectations, its ability to clear the mind and impact her everyday life. She felt hooked on the way her practice made her feel peaceful yet energized and its ability to allow her to slow down, quiet the mind, and appreciate the present moment. Eager to expand her knowledge, Alyssa enrolled in Dana Lincoln’s Teacher Training Immersion Program in 2013 and began teaching shortly after. Alyssa teaches a strong, athletic practice, using her creative background to build fluid, and innovative yet intuitive sequences. Alyssa hopes that through teaching she can provide a space for others to feel what she herself found through her practice – a peaceful connection between the mind and body.


Emily Fichera RYT-200

It was the grace, fluidity and athleticism that originally drew Emily to vinyasa yoga; beginning her practice in 1999 and becoming an instructor in 2000. After teaching for numerous studios, in many locales, it is now the meditative and tension relieving aspects that she enjoys most; especially since the birth of her children. Emily uses her soothing voice and warm spirit to set the tone for a calm, moving meditation. She enjoys strong, athletic, slow-flowing movements and sequences which challenge students physically and provide the opportunity to liberate them from their minds. It is her absolute pleasure to be able to do something she loves and at the same time help others.

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Deb Genestreti RYT-200

Deb has been practicing yoga since 1995.  As a mother of three young children, she came to yoga to supplement her daily workouts in order to keep her body healthy.  In addition to the physical benefits yoga provided, she also found her breath, a peaceful energy and a way to stay grounded in the present.  Twenty years later, in order to deepen her own practice, she joined Dana Lincoln’s Teacher Training at Prasada Yoga Center.  Not only did the training strengthen and stretch her own practice, but she discovered a love of teaching.  She has experience with many styles of yoga, but Vinyasa Flow is her favorite to practice as well as to teach.  Her classes are grounded and athletic and aimed at improving strength, flexibility and alignment – all essential elements for sustaining a life-long practice.  Her organic sequencing and sense of humor encourages students to find their own unique and mindful practice. She just loves having the opportunity to share how yoga, at any level, simply makes you feel better.


Kathryn Kuntz RYT-200

Katie first began to practice yoga as a compliment to distance running while training for half marathons. She found that on her mat everything began to shift from a place of competitive drive and physical exercise, to a deeper understanding of self-discipline and self-care.  The more she practiced yoga, the more the yoga worked on her, creating deeper self-awareness on and off the mat. Originally from Ohio, she discovered yoga when she took classes, first at Thank Yoga Studio in Columbus Ohio and later at Inner Bliss in Cleveland Ohio. After she moved to New Hampshire she began taking classes at Prasada Yoga Center where she eventually enrolled in the Teacher Training Program, earning her RYT-200 Certification. In the Prasada program, she had the gift of learning from and studying under Dana Lincoln and Michelle Plante who guided her to teach fully as herself from a place of mindfulness and love. Katie’s classes are strong and athletic, but with a primary focus on breath, self-awareness and staying anchored in the present moment.

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Laura Nicholas RYT - 200

Laura has been practicing yoga for many years in addition to having a dance background. The more that she would practice, the more she realized that yoga was more than a way to stretch the body, but was a way to quiet the mind by linking breath with movement.  Laura loves the therapeutic aspects and many health benefits – both mentally and physically, that a yoga practice brings, but more importantly how yoga brings you into the present moment and keeping you centered throughout the day. Laura has completed her 200 hour RYT certification through Prasada Yoga Center with Dana Lincoln. She also has had additional training in Yin Yoga with Josh Summers. Her yoga foundation is based on the physical style of Ashtanga while incorporating Vinyasa flow. She teaches by combining fluid movement with functional alignment techniques. Her goal is to bring yoga to as many people as she can by making her classes safe and accessible to all levels in a relaxed atmosphere.


Michelle Plante RYT-500

Michelle began practicing yoga to find balance and quickly discovered the serene energy yoga brings into her daily life. She became a yoga teacher in hopes of sharing that peaceful energy with others. Michelle graduated from the Yoga of Energy Flow program led by Dana Lincoln and Daniel Orlansky in March of 2012. She has also completed her 500 RYT certification through Boston Yoga School led by Ame Wren and Kevin Courtney. As the director of Prasada Yoga Center she is dedicated to holding an inviting and peaceful space to share with the seacoast yoga community and to always remaining a committed student of yoga.


Teresa Quinn RYT-200

Teresa has been involved in the fitness industry for a little over a decade. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge of obtaining a safe, effective, and fun workout. She is AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) certified in group as well as personal training. She has great knowledge of the many trends within the fitness world. She holds a business degree but was drawn to yoga because of its healing aspects and the sense of joy she has found in her practice.

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Grace Tiberia RYT - 200

Grace was first introduced to Vinyasa Yoga at the young age of eleven. Growing up as a competitive dancer, she found yoga to be a perfect balance between the intensity of dance and the quietness of meditation. At seventeen, Grace decided to begin on a new path away from dance to pursue yoga. She had the privilege of studying under both Michelle Plante and Dana Lincoln at Prasada Yoga Center, where she received her RYT 200 certification in the spring of 2017. As the seacoast area's youngest yoga teacher, Grace teaches a strong, dynamic, energetic yet quiet vinyasa class, where she focuses heavily on connecting movement with breath. She uses her background in ballet and dance in her classes, as she loves fluid and powerful sequences. Grace's favorite part of teaching yoga however, is helping people discover their strength, both mentally and physically, through the practice of yoga. To her, seeing how people can benefit from her classes is the most rewarding thing of all, as she strongly believes in the importance of inner peace and awareness.


Jason Varney

Jason has been a student and practitioner of yoga since 1998. He has been teaching consistently since 2002. Embracing all aspects of yoga with asana, pranayama, study of yogic texts, chanting and Ayurveda, he has spent a significant portion of his life immersed in the yogic lifestyle. Jason’s studies of Ashtanga yoga began in 2001 with Nancy Gilgoff, the most influential teacher in Jason’s life to this day. Within the first four years of practicing, Jason completed both the primary and second series. Over the next two years, Jason went on to complete the third series. From 2001 to 2009, Jason made numerous trips to Maui, Hawaii to study with Nancy and completed both her primary and second series adjustment clinics in Bristol, Vermont. He has also assisted Nancy at Purple Valley Retreat in Goa, India in 2009 & 2010.

Jason made his first journey to Mysore, India in 2005 to study with Guruji, Sharath and Saraswathi at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. He returned again for further study in 2008 and has attended numerous workshops with Guruji and Sharath in New York City.Jason is deeply grateful for the many wonderful teachers with whom he has had the honor of studying, including Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini, David Swenson, Bhavani Maki, Manju Jois, Kimberly Dahlmann and Jonas Amberger.      

Through unwavering commitment to his own practice and extensive study over many years, Jason has come to a place of deeper understanding and clarity around the entire Ashtanga system as a whole. He draws upon all aspects of the practice to meet student’s individual needs. In this way, Jason reaches in to the heart of the therapeutic and transformative power of the Ashtanga system and makes it accessible to anyone. With a commitment to consciousness and to the practice as a powerful tool for personal growth, Jason is passionate about sharing this through his teaching.


Zeke Zubrow RYT-200

Ed “Zeke” Zubrow received his 200 hour RYT certification in 2015 under Dana Lincoln at Prasada Yoga Center. In addition, he has certifications for teaching trauma informed yoga, and teaches at Crossroads House homeless shelter and at Strafford County Jail. A former college football coach, Zeke studies yoga as a comprehensive system for reducing self limiting thoughts and helping us find our truest best self. Using the physical aspect of yoga, the asanas, we develop strength, flexibility and, the ability to breathe effectively and calm the mind. Combining breath and movement, Zeke’s intention is for practice to become a meditation in motion (and stillness) with the yoga mat as a safe place for people of all ability levels to explore and grow.